Possible 2021

Share the possibilities for 2021. We have this moment to change the way we relate to one another and to the planet. Lets take a moment to share our hopes and wishes for ourselves and one another. Foto from Nasa (Photo of the day 31.12.2020, entitled 'Chaos in the Orion Nebula')... let the chaos be an opportunity for change.

We are regrouping for 2021.  This thinkspot was made for 2020 when we wrote 'This year brings us new complexities and more challenges'.  Little did we know just how complex it would be.  However, the new year 2021 offers new possibilities to consider a new way of approaching conditions.  In this thinkspot I invite you to share your ideas and hopes for this year.  Unlike other new years resolutions, hopefully this thinkspot will continue to be active all year long where we can help one another to acheive our goals and our ambitions.


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